Teacher Danielle
Teacher Danielle

Danielle, our certified MVS voice teacher, teaches a technique that facilitates an easy vocal production, with the larynx remaining at a speech level or resting position throughout the entire range of the voice. The larynx moves neither up nor down excessively to produce the pitches. This allows you to craft your vocal interpretations of emotions and not vocal limitations.

Danielle's career spans from an education dervived from  NYU & Temple University, in conjunction with Stanislavsky and Seth Rigg's speech level singing. Her experience spans from Equity dinner theatre to Regional & National credits, with memorable roles such as Adelaide in "Guys & Dolls" & Cassie in "Chorus Line", to a jazz vocalist for various venues including, Chris's Jazz cafe & Sardies and writing and directing plays for educational facilities.
Danielle partners with the Badiene Magaziner Vocal Studio in New York City.  As an MVS licensee,  Danielle is able to provide exclusive opportunities and a network of teachers to her students. Check out http://www.voice-teacher.net

Her students can be found On and Off broadway, winning beauty pagents, auditioning for tv and film and landing lead roles in local theatre. 

Benefits of Voice lessons at BeYou Arts
Sing effortlessly..no risk of straining...no screaming
Master bridges, enabling you to blend your head, mix and chest voice with no breaks
Exercise total vocal control
Expand your vocal range
Captivate any audience with proper phrasing and delivery of the song

Repetition, Recognize, Repeat, Perform.